Photo by Alec Von Bargen

Photo by Alec Von Bargen


At a young age, Nasser Lubay had gone already to places abroad usually reserved for maturing artists. In 2009 he won the prestigious Celeste International Art Prize. That winning work, titled Rebirth, was exhibited at the Second Animamix Biennial at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan. He was part of the 2010 Ondarte International Artist Residency in Akumal, Mexico. Upon his return to the Philippines after the residency, Nasser was chosen to be one of Jollibee’s Young Ambassadors, cited for his achievements in the arts.

His art is marked by a rich sense for colour and a dense imagination. With "Nursery of Curiosities", the title of his first solo exhibition, he deepened his research into the the theme of cosmic germination and enriched his positive inventiveness with hints of fear and horror. His portraits are remarkable and demonstrate his ability to expand his grammar to a purely figurative world.

Nasser Lubay is a master storyteller; he narrates using all the colors of the world. As with all stories that are told, heard and are gone unless told again, the art of Lubay has that feeling of a moment, that mystical, magical point in space remarkable for its lack of permanence.